We can book your activities and organize your stay or complete it.
To book in advance or the day of your arrival.
Ground activities : ATV guided tour, 4WD guided tour (with or without picnic), trekking, golf (Individual and collective lessons available), horse-riding.
Water activities : Fishing / lagoon tour with or without picnic, jet-ski, kite surfing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling with rays, sharks and whales (in season), sunset ...
Flying activities : Visit the island of Moorea by plane, helicopter. Skydive (tandem) over Moorea.
Cultural activities : Dance show, braids, pareo, tattoos, visit archaeological sites.
Shopping : Pareos, T-shirt, polos, towels and caps, mosquito repellent spray and local cosmetics, souvenirs and postcards available for sale by the reception area.
Rental : Bikes, electric bicycles, scooters, cars.